Salt mine tours

 Holidays in Poland

Salat Mine WieliczkaIf you’re spending your dream holidays in Kraków and the endure give permission’s you downward, why don’t you depart anywhere where it has no reach? On the outskirts of Kraków you can come across a UNESCO World heritage location, the Wieliczka Salt Mine.


salt mine undergroundThroughout the ages, the conditions in the mine remained a relative even. It’s pleasantly cool, with the temperature of approximately 16 C, which is presently correct meant for the underground two-hour-long trip.

Walking through narrow corridors, three hundred meters underground you can’t discontinue marvelling by the ingenuity of the miners. Stepping from chamber to chamber you can admire the craftsmanship of miners and artist in statues and carvings ended of salt. One of the most amazing skin of the mine is the the sporadically vigorous concert lobby.

However, the greatest beauty of the mine is the work of nature – the mine is adorned with enormous stalactites and stalagmites. Would you like to know more? Huge stalactites hanging on or after the vault, huge halls stamped in the depths of the Earth, the cool feeling of being hundreds of meters underground are just a few belongings you can locate in the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Wieliczka Salt Mine tours.

 salt lakeJust partially an hour make on or after the productive Cracow, the mine offers the oft required tranquillity and solace in the cool, calm down shafts and corridors. Because you venture hooked on the depth of the mine you locate tranquillity and marvel next to the wonders of nature – the mine is packed with stalactites and stalagmites.

However, a few of the mine’s furthermost attractions are man-made, akin to the enormous chapel of St Kinga. The 2-3 hour-long tour takes you over 130 meteres under the surface of the earth and spans 3.5 kilometer.